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139-143 Trongate : Published 24/04/09
Selfridges ephemeral Trongate site may be languishing in indefinate ruin but the historic throughfare could still be getting a much needed shot in the arm. A partially derelict site could be rejuvenated via the insertion of a glass box to terminate the Brunswick Street vista. Extensive demolition would clear the site of the present dilapidated builds which have been stripped internally of any architectural value, retaining only a B listed façade. The classical grid of this façade informs the grid of the new with architectural detail subtly imprinted upon the glass and aluminium spandrels of adjoining new build. Ground level retail space will be provided alongside improvementsto the dank “Old Wynd”.
RMJM (Argyll street) Trongate Trongate Trongate Trongate Trongate

71 Virginia Street : Published 19/07/08
An unsightly hole in the urban fabric could soon sprout a new landmark if Elder & Cannon's vision is realised. Utilising the tried and tested cascading terrace to bridge less lofty peers but playfully inverted at street level to dramatise entrance. Imbuing sufficient gravitas to bookend Virginia Street and impress The Corinthian a copper alloy facade works wonders for solidity, imparting a suitably luxurious sheen to marry well with traditional sandstones. A mettalic finish furnesses a razor sharp profile that the city would do well to adopt in lieu of stone.
Virginia Street Virginia Street Virginia Street Virginia Street Virginia Street

McChuillis Airspace : Published 11/07/06
Proposal to demolish McChuill's pub and bring value to the airspace by way of new homes and a roof garden.
McChuill's Airspace

Tradeston Residential
The flats are built around a raised central courtyard above two levels of parking incorporating 122 spaces, each elevation has two sides in reconstituted stone and a central band in reconstituted stone with sections inbetween of glass curtain walling render and terracotta. The scheme originally comprised an 11 storey zinc clad tower (right), deemed "inappropriate". The scheme borders the M74 extension and is close to Kingston Quay and Tradeston tower.
Tradeston Residential

Kelbourne Street : Published 19/08/06
This redevelopment of scrub land will include an ancillary sports park and pavilion.
Kelbourne Street

Argyle Street
The building is composed of masonry finish to York Street, with mettalic wing on Argyle Street, ground floor commercial/retail uses are provided. Atlantic Square is visible in the background, with The Bridge facing across Argyle St.
Argyle residential Argyle site

Artisan Apartments : Published 05/12/06
A triangular site dictated placing a commercial unit to the corner with parking behind. Above there are 6 identical floor plates, each accommodating 3 no 2 bed flats. The 2 Southerly flats have balconies and views across the Clyde to the Science museum and the BBC, whilst the third, situated on the north side of the building is more generous and benefits from a westerly aspect. There are 2 larger flats on the top floor, each with its own private terrace overlooking the river. The building is a post-tensioned concrete frame, with internal partitions, external and party walls of metal frame. The building is clad in a traditionally fired brick manufactured in Cumbria. Windows are aluminium frame. Vibration from a railway tunnel is addressed by means of isolating internal walls and linings from the main frame.
Kelvinhaugh Street Artisan Apartments Artisan Apartments

Otago Street : Published 04/12/07
LatestPage & Park have sought historical inspiration from the Edwardian splendour of the Hat Rack for a restricted gable end site at Kelvinbridge.
Miniature Tower Miniature Tower Miniature Tower Miniature Tower

Though tradition has been upheld in form the appearance is strikingly contemporary as the architects have applied an evolution of their own twisting bee hive formula pioneered at Dixon St. Eight cups of brick accommodation are stacked upon a spiral to eye pleasing effect, this sequence of irregular layers originate from a quirky glazed baseline to culminate in a unique roofscape dramatised by a penthouse "lightbox" designed to echo the ebulliant dome of the nearby Caledonian Chambers.

Olympic House
A single storey glass penthouse is proposed for this residential conversion. Interestingly Holmes Partnership have objected on behalf of HBOS owners of the adjacent110 Queen Street on the grounds that this will impede HBOS's right to maximise air rights as development will obstruct daylight of Olympic House residents. The GPO building sits adjacent on George Square.
Olympic House

Parade Park

The Royal Infirmary can be seen in the background.
Alexandra Parade

Jocelyn Square : Published 19/04/07
Each home will be accessed from a floodlit central atrium. The development will feature ground floor retail whilst some flats will enjoy underground parking.
Jocelyn Square

Gibson Street : Published : 20/12/06
UNITE have afforded this scheme greater status than similar builds, see Blackfriars and Victoria Hall, evidenced by the production of real architecture clothed in high quality material and daring use of colour. The new public balcony overlooking the Kelvin should become a local landmark.
Gibson Street

Port Dundas : Published 18/02/07
JM architects are exploring solutions for improving public realm and integration within the wider city as part of a study of the Forth and Clyde canal corridor from Maryhill to Port Dundas, providing a common thread to interconnect the many canalside developments such as Mondriaan, The Timber Basin and Kelvin Quay.
Maryhill Locks

35-47 Kyle Street : Published 01/12/08 An abject tract of lands in embarassing proximity to City Chambers could soon play host to a 2,562sq/m car dealership below residences each enjoying basement parking and helping to obscure Victoria Hall. A U-plan profile lends itself to enlargement should the neighbouring Douglas Park BMW garage ever be redeveloped, sowing the seeds of a fresh future as Buchanan Galleries parks in the bus station
Kyle St Kyle St Kyle St Kyle St

Previous scheme
A utilitarian wall of spartan White concrete panels, standing seam metal cladding, steel framed glass balustrade is tempered with bold red PPC metal balconies, raising the bar somewhat in an area otherwise devoid of stimulation. Come nightfall though (if visualisations are realised) the structure more readily asserts itself, enveloped within a luminescent shroud of cobalt blue uplighters as golden light burns through mettalic skin to define a randomised patternated sequence.
Kyle St Kyle St Kyle St

341 Gt Western Rd : Published : 03/04/07
This proposal will complete a west end tenement block vacated by a petrol filling station. Parapet and cornice lines are carried with upper floors recessed although symmetry is impaired by low modern ceiling heights.
Gt Western Rd

Forge Square : Published 30/12/08
An interpretation of traditional east end tenement forms, consisting of apartments and workspace units.
Forge Square Forge Square

Queensborough Gardens
Queensborough Gardens Queensborough Gardens

Almandine Apartments
Commissioned poetry from a local primary school will be engraved in flagstones at a new viewing area. This scheme along with The Metro marks a local regeneration of Garnethill.
Almandine Apartments Charing Cross flats Charing Cross flats

Douglas St : Published : 10/06/07
Scale and mass attempt to complement the predominant tenemental streetscape form.
Douglas St

Faslane Naval Accommodation
Facilities include bowling alley, shopping centre, bar, gym and 300 seater cinema/conference suite and will house 1754 personnel.

Southgate : Published 05/07/08
The ambitiously monickered "Utopia" marks 3rd and final phase of Westpoint's Southgate development. Diminishing materially from reconstituted stone through brick and zinc with ascension in height the estate is compromised by street facing parking vents. Reinforcing the urban edge of Pollokshaws from dystopian wastelands south of the Clyde in the most basic of residential solutions. Lack of aplomb being par for the course in a district already papped with The Gateway and Plaza though lifted by Tower 464.
Utopia Southgate Utopia

Cathcart Road : Published 24/08/06
Land aquisition to be resolved.
Cathcart Road

Cumberland Street
Situated across the road from the Aurora Tower and two condemned Hutchesontown blocks.
Cumberland Street