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201 Victoria Rd : Published : 02/12/06
The street hugging "L" plan formation extends the urban grid north into industrial lands isolating the south side from city centre. In scale the design conforms to the dominant tenement form breaking only for a signature copper and glass cantilever over Victoria Rd, distinguishing the prime corner plot and throughfare in a visually satisfying manner. Courtyard parking is decked over to accommodate a communal area, elevated studio apartments comprise the ground floor with a prominent entrance at the road junction. Joins Capitol Park in Forrestgate's portfolio.
Forrestgate Residential Forrestgate Residential

Duke Street : Published 07/05/07
New build offices and flats for the elderly split across two blocks joined by a glazed atrium, proportioned to sit alongside neighbouring tenements with dutch style gables.
Duke St

55 Maxwell Road
Borders Carvill's residential at 59 Maxwell Rd.
Maxwell Road

Barrland Street
See The Palazzo, also by Davis Duncan.
Barrland Street

Park Quadrant : Published 06/10/07 Park Quadrant works to Charles Wilson's original massing but does not attempt to recreate his classical detailing, which would inevitably lack authenticity. Instead reference is paid to the Park Circus estate by a contemporary elaboration of flowing bay windows and quality materials pallette, 115 underground parking spaces are provided beneath communal gardens to the rear. Park Quadrant is joined by RMJM's Park House redevelopment. Previous design (right) by Curious Group.
Park Quadrant Park Quadrant Park Quadrant Park Quadrant Prev. Design

Following a mere 150yr hiatus Charles Wilson's 1850 Park Circus masterplan is set to finally see completion with a sweeping crescent of flowing bay windows. It is heartening that the designers haven't succumbed to slavishly imitatating neighbouring properties in fake pastiche but have rather opted for a contemporary reworking of the tenement form within a rich sandstone and copper pallette, successfully creating a 21st century tenement whilst retaining distinctive glaswegian character.
Park Quadrant

Park House : Published : 07/10/07
Official site
Enjoying an elevated position at the entrance to Park Circus, Park House incorporates the grade B listed tower of the former Park Church within a refurbishment of the previous 1960's office block, now given a new lease of life as apartments. Penthouse suites will enjoy a spectacular rooftop terrace and panoramic views, exterior courtyards will be hard landscaped concealing underground parking. The development joins the proposed completion of Park Terrace.
Park House Park House Park House

By working with a typically disastrous 1960's intervention RMJM have been liberated from conservation shackles to produce a more contemporary design than would otherwise have been possible whilst remaining environmentally sound, though this brings design limitations of its own.
Park House Park House Park House

The Elipta : Published : 17/11/06
A bold form from Cooper Cromar, difficult site constraints combined with parking requirements conspire to constrict landscaping.

65 Saltoun Street
Saltoun Street

Sinclair Dr : Published : 03/09/07
Sinclair Drive Sinclair Drive

Dover Street : Published : 24/08/06
Land aquisition to be resolved.
Dover Street

Argyle Street : Published : 15/09/06
The scheme incorporates basement parking and ground floor retail.
Argyle Street

19 Murano St : Published 07/03/09
A residential crescent to abut the Forth & Clyde canal.
Murano St Murano St

Gt George St : Published 11/01/08
An inauthentic new build "mansion" disguises more west end flats, satisying rigid planning restrictions.
Gt George St Gt George St

Firhill Stadium : Published 01/12/06 Five floors of residential and 2,520sq/m office space above three levels of decked parking peplace a previous scheme fronting a new stand.
Approved scheme Refused scheme

Five previous attempts to enlarge the stands have been blocked on noise grounds, losing 1,000 family seats for the club in the process. Unsurprisingly Partick Thistle have given up, successfully pleasing nobody as the NIMBY'S suffer new neighbours anyway, the city gets an inferior scheme and Thistle's growth is constrained.

88 Highburgh Rd : Published 31/12/08
New build development of two bed apartments with underground parking.
Highburgh Rd Highburgh Rd

Pollok Park : Published : 19/11/07
Official site Five blocks of accommodation are proposed for a triangle of lands bounded by Pollok Park and railway embankment.
Haggs Road Haggs Road Haggs Road Haggs Road Haggs Road Haggs Road

Hughenden Terrace : Published : 16/09/06
This scheme won Young and Gault the commission for the site.
Hughenden Terrace

Gateway : Published 25/11/06
Merits the dubious distinction of being worst building here.
Gateway Gateway

Renfrew St : Published : 29/07/07
Site for sale at the intersection of Rose and Renfrew St's with planning permission for mixed retail and residential.
Renfrew St

Oban Drive
Proposals for a mix of flats and houses for sale, shared equity and rent.
Miller St

Queens Gardens
Queens Gardens

Abercromby Street : Published : 25/12/06
The principal facade consists of large windows, alternating balconies and soft timber.
Abercromby Street

Melbourne Street Significant regeneration of the Gallowgate area centres around Collegelands, Bellgrove and a showpiece housing association scheme here at Melbourne St. A scheme split into four quadrants around a large communal central square each plot designed by a different architect.
Melbourne Street Melbourne Street Melbourne Street Melbourne Street Melbourne Street Melbourne Street Melbourne Street

Clyde Riverfront : Uploaded : 17/11/06
Official site Situated at the former Yoker power station providing access to the Clyde walkway and marina.
Clyde Riverfront