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Riverside Museum : Published 05/04/07
Commercial District
Present site Culture and Sport services are being transferred from council control to a charitable company providing opportunity to plan for the long term and open alternative funding sources. Included within this is the proposed new transport museum which will form a link between the Clyde and city via a tunnel like shed which will be open at both ends rising from 16m height at the entrance to 24m at the Clyde. The river facing end will look onto a landscaped courtyard via an expansive glass facade. Exhibits will be connected along a path linking the "city" and "river" ends of the building, the main central space will be column free and served by natural light, support services and permanent exhibits are enclosed in the outer spaces. A ring of varying stone slabs will create a perimeter path sheltered by trees. Preceding Zaha's win were entries from Gareth Hoskinsand PRSA shown right.
Transport museum Transport composite Alternate designs

The much lauded Zaha Hadid's first foray into Glasgow does not impress, the glass frontage does take best advantage of a riverfront setting despite a lumpen entrance way and is the only point of view where the abstract roof profile takes effect. Although this doesn't mask what is a simple warehouse albeit highly specced and with GCC cost cutting it likely won't. Shaving a few million for hard pressed council tax payers is certainly laudible but in a scheme with an already over inflated budget you have to question whether starting again might represent better value as happened with the Tradeston Bridge.

Kelvingrove : Published 11/07/06
Official site Incorporating redesigned internal exhibition space and outdoor cafe.

Doomsday : Published 02/05/07

Glasgow 2037, city of the dead. The abandoned city lies before, a vast sprawling ghost town. Most of the city is made out of burned-out shells, stretching for miles and miles. There are signs of looting crowds looking for food and water, birds nest in the grand hallways of St. Andrews Hospital, all of the buildings have succumbed to nature's onslaught. From fungus to ivy, to grass and weeds, nature has reclaimed its authority over this urban wasteland.

Chaos reigns as the British government is forced to rebuild Hadrians wall, entombing Glasgow and its people within a barren northern hinterland. No, mercifully this isn't an SNP nightmare but consequence of the no less cataclysmic "Reaper Virus" the primary plot mechanic synonymous with Doomsday, a big budget Sci Fi/Horror film part filmed on location in Haghill. Bit of fun but a reminder that continued ascendency is never guaranteed.
Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday

Imuya : Published 30/12/07
A zoological attraction looks set to return to Glasgow in spectacular fashion with construction of a 4 acre climate-controlled biodome east of the Commonwealth Games Village at the heart of the Clyde Gateway regeneration area. The structure will house a tropical habitat of rainforest and plant life populated by indigenous mammals and exotic birds. To achieve this feat the latest environmental control technology is utilised to fully customise light, temperature, humidity and shade providing capability to turn day into night. Conference suites will enjoy panoramic aspect across the jungle and visitors will be able to explore the environment along a series of paths and elevated walkways.
Amazonian Zoo

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
New practice, rehearsal rooms and office space will be housed within the new build extension complimenting a new conservatory entrance, box office and restaurant.

Scottish Ballet HQ
Visible workshops will be incorporated at street level with rehearsal studios situated on top of wardrobe and administration. Internally a double height internal courtyard will dominate, bathed in natural light.
Scottish Ballet